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What Is Neodymium Magnet And How It Works

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Nowadays, there are many products that use Neodymium magnets or strong magnets. Maybe you know some of the products that contain NdFeB magnets, but have you really understood NdFeB magnets? How is it made? And what are the advantages of NdFeB magnets compared to other magnets? These questions will be answered for you in this blog!

First let us understand what is neodymium magnet?

Neodymium iron boron magnet, also known as NdFeB magnet, is a strong magnetic material composed of three main elements: neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe) and boron (B). This type of magnet is known for its excellent magnetic properties, including extremely high magnetic and maximum magnetic energy product, Neodymium manget one of the strongest permanent magnets in the world. And the rest of the permanent magnets are samarium cobalt magnets and ferrite magnets


How are NdFeB magnets made?

The production methods of NdFeB magnets mainly involve two methods: powder metallurgy and rapid solidification. Powder metallurgy involves mixing powders of neodymium, iron, boron and other materials, and then performing a pressing and sintering process. Rapid solidification, on the other hand, creates magnets by rapidly cooling the molten alloy, resulting in superior magnetic properties. Of course, the magnet is magnetized after it is formed.


What are NdFeB magnets made of?

In fact, you already know the composition of NdFeB magnets by their names, which are neodymium (Nd), iron (Fe), and boron (B). Neodymium (Nd) has the largest proportion, followed by Iron (Fe), and Boron(B). Of course there are also including other elements such as aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu) to enhance their magnetic performance and stability. The precise proportions and manufacturing processes of these elements are critical to the material properties important.


NdFeB Magnet Grade

Maybe you are confused about the grades of NdFeB magnets, because there are many grades, such as N25, N35, N38, N40, N45, N52 etc.. But in fact, just remember that the larger number will have a stronger magnet will be. and N52 The level is the strongest level in the current world!


Maybe you are wondering what is the difference between NdFeB magnets and other magnets? What are the advantages of NdFeB?

Because NdFeB magnets are the strongest permanent magnets, NdFeB magnets have excellent magnetic energy product. They can provide a strong and efficient magnetic field, making them ideal for applications where high-performance magnets are required, such as motors and generators. Very powerful magnets are needed in these places! And NdFeB magnets can show good magnetic stability, allowing them to maintain high performance in different temperature ranges. Which means the magnet will not weaken or demagnetize!

You may ask, can NdFeB magnets exert higher magnetic force than other permanent magnets of the same size?

Yes! Compared with other permanent magnet materials, NdFeB magnets can be designed into smaller and lighter magnets with the same magnetic properties. This is very important for applications that need to limit volume and weight, and NdFeB magnets are very processable, so they can be made into any shape!

Now that you know learn something about NdFeB magnets, you might wonder if NdFeB magnets are the strongest magnets in the world right now? And what should we pay attention to when using NdFeB magnets?

Yes, NdFeB magnets are currently the strongest among all magnets, so you need to be very careful when using NdFeB magnets! Because the magnetism of NdFeB is very strong, it is very easy to pinch yourself, so please be careful! Of course, we will let you how to separate such a strong magnet correctly and safely.

The correct way to separate magnets:

We divide magnets into 3 types: small magnets, medium magnets, large magnets

Small Size Magnet

Strong magnets of small size can be separated by hand, usually without any mechanical assistance. The key trick is to slide one magnet out of the stack using a sideways motion, as shown in the picture below.


Medium Size Magnet

Medium size magnet, very strong and difficult to separate if used by hand. Generally, magnet manufacturers add plastic spacers when packaging medium-sized magnets. Magnets with spacers can be easily separated. But once the spacers are removed, it becomes difficult to separate the magnets by hand. We can use the edge of the table to help remove the top magnet from the stack as shown in the picture below.


Or use a professional separator. You need to be careful when handling powerful magnets of this strength. Sometimes it is easy to pinch the skin. You can consider wearing goggles, because small fragments will fly out and scratch your eyes during collision. It is recommended to wear gloves.

Large Size Magnet

Many magnet manufacturers produce large, powerful magnets that are very difficult to handle. This kind of magnet is generally classified as a magnet separator. With a spacer between them we can separate these magnets manually, but I don't recommend this without experience.


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