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Block Magnet

Set magnetism free with our quality cube-molded rare earth magnets. Formed with exactness from select rare earth substance, these magnets ensure unmatched strength and adaptability for different uses.

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-Premium Neodymium Material:Our magnets are made from top-tier neodymium, ensuring exceptional magnetic strength and reliability.

-Block Shape Design:Ideal for applications requiring a straight-edged magnetic field. Perfect for use in motors, sensors, magnetic clamps, and DIY projects.

-Size Options:Choose from a range of sizes to suit your project needs. Select the dimensions that align with your application requirements.

-Powerful Magnetism:Despite their compact size, these block magnets deliver impressive magnetic force, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and creative uses.

-Versatile Applications:Perfect for use in motors, sensors, magnetic clamps, magnetic separators, and other applications where a strong and uniform magnetic field is essential.

-Durable Coating:Coated with a protective layer for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan.


Block-shaped neodymium magnets, forged from a potent blend of neodymium, iron, and boron through a sintering process, are characterized by their rectangular or square design, showcasing exceptional magnetic strength. The versatility of these magnets is evident in their applications across diverse industries, including magnetic assemblies, sensors, and magnetic fasteners. Their adaptability is further highlighted by the customization options available for size and magnetic strength, tailoring them to specific technological requirements. Coated with materials like nickel or zinc for corrosion resistance, these magnets play a vital role in modern technology, contributing to electric motors, sensors, magnetic couplings, MRI machines, and consumer electronics. While their robust nature makes them indispensable, users must exercise caution regarding high temperatures, as these magnets are sensitive and can undergo demagnetization when exposed to elevated temperatures beyond their specified limits.


- Motors and Generators

- Sensors and Detectors

- Magnetic Assemblies

- DIY Projects


- Material: Neodymium

- Shape: Block

- Sizes Available: Customize

- Grade: N25-N52

- Coating: Nicel, Zinc, Gold, Epox, Ni-Cu-Ni, Other

Safety Information:Handle with care. Keep away from small children due to the risk of swallowing. Consult the safety guidelines before use.

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