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Fishing Magnet

Experience the wonders of underwater exploration with our Salvaging/Fishing Magnet. Designed for magnet fishing and salvage operations, this powerful magnet provides enthusiasts with a dependable and effective tool for uncovering hidden treasures below the water's surface. Uncover the full potential of your aquatic adventures with this durable and reliable magnetic solution.

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-Impressive Pulling Force:Fitted with strong neodymium magnets, this Salvaging/Fishing Magnet delivers a substantial pulling force, making it adept at retrieving various metallic objects from lakes, rivers, and more.

-Rust-Resistant Coating:Built to withstand underwater conditions, the magnet is coated with a rust-resistant layer, ensuring longevity and reliability in aquatic environments.

-Secure Attachment Point:Designed with a secure attachment point, the magnet provides a stable connection for securing your discovered items during retrieval.

-Versatile Applications:Ideal for magnet fishing, salvage operations, and exploration of underwater landscapes. Uncover lost treasures, artifacts, and metallic objects with ease.


A salvaging or fishing magnet is a powerful tool created to retrieve ferrous objects from water bodies or difficult-to-access areas. Encased in a durable, waterproof material, these magnets use strong neodymium or ferrite magnets to attract and lift metallic items. Popular among both hobbyists and professionals, salvaging magnets offer an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to cleaning up waterways or recovering lost items. Typically attached to a sturdy rope, these magnets can be lowered into water or confined spaces to retrieve items like keys, tools, or even submerged metal artifacts. With their high magnetic strength and practical design, salvaging magnets play a crucial role in underwater recovery efforts and provide a fascinating tool for enthusiasts exploring aquatic environments.


-Magnet Fishing

-Salvage Operations

-Underwater Exploration

How to Use:

-Cast into Water:Use a sturdy rope to cast the Salvaging/Fishing Magnet into the water, targeting areas of interest.

-Retrieve Slowly:Pull the magnet back slowly, allowing it to attract and securely retrieve metallic objects from the water.


-Magnet Type:Neodymium

-Pulling Force:25LB-6600LB/ 11KG-3000KG



Note:Exercise caution and follow local regulations when engaging in magnet fishing or salvage operations. Safety measures and proper handling are crucial during retrieval.

Embark on exciting underwater adventures with our Salvaging/Fishing Magnet. Order now to add a powerful tool to your exploration kit!

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