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​How Do TWS EarPods Work and Why Magnet is Important to Speaker or TWS EarPods

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Bluetooth headsets have become a must-have item for today's busy people. Whether you are listening to music on the bus, listening to podcasts while you exercise in the gym, or even making video calls at home with Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth headphones offer convenience and flexibility that is hard to match. They endow listeners with freedom from conventional wired headsets which make them enjoy quality sound while performing different activities especially during an era where mobile devices determine almost all our undertakings in life. Modern people’s lives cannot do without bluetooth headsets.

TWS EarPods work

What are TWS EarPods

TWS is an acronym for True Wireless Stereo which means there is no physical connection between the two earphones.

TWS EarPods work

How TWS EarPods work is that one earphone (usually the right one) pairs with your device (like a phone or tablet) first. This earphone then transmits the audio signal wirelessly to the other earphone. That’s why you get stereo sound between two headphones.

Why magnets are important for speakers or TWS EarPods

Magnets and speakers

An electric coil running through a speaker results in electromagnetic induction. The field generated by this current moves a diaphragm, creating sound waves, which in turn produce sounds we can hear. This motion of the cone produces sound.

Advantages of TWS Magnet

TWS Magnet plays a crucial role in TWS EarPods operations. It creates a magnetic field in voice coil which causes it to move and therefore generate sound as well. This movement vibrates the speaker's cone, producing sound. High-performance magnets are required to produce sufficient volume due to small size of TWS EarPods.

The main advantage of TWS Magnet lies in its high performance and high efficiency where it creates a strong magnetic field that makes the voice coil to vibrate greatly. TWS Magnet is also small and light hence making TWS EarPods more portable and comfortable.

Premium TWS Magnet from AIMAGNET

AIMAGNET Company is a company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of TWS Magnet. Our products have gained popular recognition with unique features and superior performance.

Our TWS Magnet has strong magnets that hold your TWS earphones tightly, preventing tangling and ensuring easy storage. The magnet attachment feature of this makes TWS Magnet more user-friendly for everyday use.

TWS Magnet has diverse applications; apart from using it on TWS headphones, you can organize your cables, anchor small things or do some DIY magnetic projects. It can be considered as an indispensible tool in your daily life owing to its many uses.

Our TWS Magnet is designed to be small in size, light in weight so that it can be carried around easily and incorporated into everyday accessories conveniently. The lightweight design allows this product to perform excellently with no additional load imposed upon it.

With its powerful magnetic attachment function, extensive range of uses and compact, lightweight design, TWS Magnet from AIMAGNET has become the leading product in the market. We look forward to supplying you with high-quality products and services as well.

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