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Why are magnets so important in the medical industry? Do Magnets Help in Therapeutic Potential?

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The significance of magnets in the medical field is very clear. These are commonly referred to as cylindrical, square or little magnets, which they all play a significant part in medical devices and treatments.

Cylinder Magnets: The Power of Symmetry

In medical industry, use of cylindrical magnets is rampant. Notably, strong and long cylindrical magnets are used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to produce high resolution pictures inside a human body that helps diagnose different ailments. Additionally, cylindrical magnets are used in production of some medical appliances such as pacemakers and hearing aids.

Square Magnets: Strength in Structure

Also, square magnets have important roles played by them in the medical industry. They help in making of medical equipment like x-ray machines or ultrasound scanners. On top of these, square magnets are applied on magnetic drug delivery systems; this is a new mode of therapy where drugs are delivered using magnets to areas affected by diseases.

Small Magnets: Mighty in Miniature

Small magnet’s application cannot be underrated within the health industry. For instance, they come into play during dental treatments such as those associated with braces and aligners. Small magnets also contribute to production of few minimally invasive medical apparatuses like endoscopes and micro-surgical robots.

The therapeutic potential of magnets

Magnetotherapy is being researched more often. Pain control through magnetism, treatment for depression by means of magnetism and even cancer therapy are some fields that researches have so far been able to reach with regard to what else can be done with magnet therapy. Experiments still at their primary stages show that there could be great prospects for application of magnetics within medicine.

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