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Magnets in Electrical Engineering: The Relationship between Motors, Generators, and Magnetic Storage

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Magnets are very essential in electrical engineering especially when it comes to the operation of motors, generators and magnetic storage devices. This article reviews how these applications relate to the basic principles of magnetism.


In electric motors, magnetic fields interact with electric currents to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Permanentmagnetsor electromagnets can be used to create a field of magnetism. The rotor of the motor is driven by force produced from the magnetic field leading to movement.


Generators operate on electromagnetic induction principle that was discovered by Michael Faraday. When a conductor moves in a magnetic field, an electromotive force is induced generating an electric current. In generators, mechanical power is converted into electrical energy. Within a magnetic field, which often is created by turbines that rotate their part, thus producing electricity.

Magnetic Storage

Data is stored in hard drives and other types of magnetic storage devices using magnetism. A layer of magnetic material coats the surface of a hard drive disk. Binary data is written onto this disk by a read/write head moving across its surface and changing the magnetization of the material.

The Relationship 

The relationship among motors, generators and magnetics lies in terms of usage relating to all three technologies employing magnets for their functionality; motors employ magnetic fields for generation mechanical motion; generators depend on motion within a magnetic field for generating electricity while changes in magnetization as used for recording purposes are utilized during Magnetic storage.. Recognizing these connections forms the foundation for knowledge about electrical engineering.


In conclusion many applications in electrical engineering require magnets. This versatility and importance can be seen from its ability to change between forms of energy such as storing information through data on hard discs or even transforming different types energy as with motors or alternator parts which will store it thereafter. There will be more use of magnets as regards engineering with the advancement of technology.

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